Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleaning House

As you can see, our back patio has been severely ignored this year. We have a wonderful new deck and potential place to hang out, but nothing has been done with it. So for the next 2 weeks, the boys and I are going to do severe cleaning and I am going to work on making this an outdoor sanctuary. In the picture above, you see the result of dogs that refuse to remember that they are not supposed to use the old rock stairs to get in and out of the yard. The new deck has a much safer landing and solid stairs, but they continue to knock my potted plants down in their attempts to scale the rock steps. So, Wednesday I am going to look for fencing to block their attempts. JoAnn's Crafts store has several really pretty options.

More junk that is slated to be removed. I'll paint pots and put some decorative plants in there. Not sure what else I'll do to the landing, possibly paint a "carpet" on it. What do you think?

More mess. However, there you see the perfect components of a small seating area.

Again, seating and eating area waiting to be unearthed and decorated. Definitely a place for more painted pots and all kinds of goodies waiting to be staged.

This area is a major problem area for us. When it rains, the dirt washes out from between the rocks and end up on our patio, clogging the drains and flooding the whole patio. After it subsides, we end up with a couple inches of sludge on the patio. This is getting old quickly! Any suggestions? I am avoiding filling in the rocks since numerous really cute toads make their home there. We might end up having to make a cement shelf over the top rocks. I'll have to think about this.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Late Night Babbles

It is past 1 a.m and I am having problems sleeping. Hubby and one of the boys went to Florida for a couple days while I hang out with the other boy and take care of the house and animals. It just seemed easier than hiring someone to watch the house or boarding the animals. However, I am discovering I have a hard time sleeping without my husband. This surprises me because I am usually pretty independent. Not sure what this is about...

Last week a friend and I went to a shop in Wichita to make cold processed soap. I took a class a long time ago on soap making but wanted to refresh the basics since cold process soap uses lye and you definitely have no room for error there! It was a wonderful class (pics will be on my other blog) and I have a 2 pound loaf to show for it. I am going to start making soap again. The friend that went to Texas with me went in on getting the supplies for a soap making business, then we didn't go anywhere with it. I am going to make several batches this summer so that they can cure and be ready to sell in a month. I'll call my friend and let her know we are starting again. She works full time, so I'll make the starting products until she can get time. I am going to look into selling on etsy and local shops. From working crafts fairs, I know they are a lot of work, so I am trying alternate selling choices.

Wish me luck.

I'll post pics pf my first batch when the bars have cured.