Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Little Spice is nice

I was comparing this blog with my other blog (the one with the knitting rants...) and have come to the conclusion that this blog is really boring! I think this blog needs a little shaking up. So, from here on out, hold on to your (hopefully handknitted) hats. Time for some attitude.

Today I went to the Yarn Harlot's "speech" and completely loved it. She is really funny in print and even funnier in person. I had brought my camera, but couldn't find it because it somehow got buried in the small yarn stash I had in my bag...the one that makes my husband groan...the one that looks like I may have kidnapped Little Bow Peep's sheep...I NEED to carry this yarn. You never know when you might get trapped in a freak snowstorm and have to whip up something warm to protect your brood. Ok, so today the temperatures were in the upper 90's...but it could happen. And by golly, I will be ready.

Or, when hubby rolls his eyes at my traveling stash, I can just sweetly ask him if he really wants me to be somewhere with nothing to keep me occupied. That should keep him quiet!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Cute man and one of the boys flew to OK City to have lunch with my sister in law who is visiting from New Mexico. She and her fiance are expecting a little one--her pregnancy has definitely flown by quickly! I had a Eureka moment last night when I realized the timing on the beginning sweater class at Twist couldn't be better. I should be able to finish my baby sweater in plenty of time to do a couple more and get the technique down before the baby arrives. It also gives me time to do a small crib quilt....

I stayed here at the house to study my Japanese since we have a quiz tomorrow. I have got to start making at least an hour a day to study my Japanese and my math! I am doing my math class online. I'm not too crazy about the format, but I will give it a run for this semester. I may just be one of those people who learns best in the classroom.

I love my Japanese class, but have discovered it is much easier to learn a foreign language when you are younger! We went to Border's this weekend and picked up a couple hirigana workbooks. I think Border's has a much better foreign language section than Barnes and Noble. And their coffee bar is better. The food at Barnes and Noble is really bad! I had a cupcake the other night that was so stiff and artificial tasting it was was much easier to not eat it...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Girls day out

A couple of us girls went to see "The Nanny Diaries"-it was cute, but I wish the main character (Scarlett Johanson) was a little stronger--she seemed really wishy-wash. Cindy has read the book and said the book was excellent--but that the movie wasn't too close to the book. I hate it when they do that! I saw "A Beautiful Mind" at the theatre and then read the book--which by the way was based on his real life...Then I was disappointed that the movie left out the fact there was first son and that he is also schizophrenic....I know you can't get everything in a 2 1/2 hour movie that you have in a book, but some things are important and change the whole content..OK, I'm done.

I would rate the Nannie diaries a 3 of 5. It's cute.

However, I did see the trailer for a movie, " Feast of Love", while waiting for the movie to start that REALLY looked good. It stars Morgan Freeman, who I think is one of the best actors of our time. I love anything he is in because he is so talented about drawing out a character and making him seem real...I know it may be a chick flick, but I think guys would like this too. When this opens, I am going to be there!

We went for sushi afterwards. I love sushi! Cute man and I took a sushi class here in Wichita and I have decided we are going to have to make our own sometime. We will probably make the veggie based rolls since I don't think there is a source for sushi grade meat that is available to the public. I may run around to some of the Asian grocery stores next week and get the ingredients to make sushi.


A three day weekend! I am so ready for it! The past 2 weeks have been just crazy. I really think the full moon got to some people early! It was such a stressful week that I broke my normal rule of not shopping for yarn when I am stressed and hit Twist, the new yarn shop here in town. I bought yarn for the upcoming sweater class I'm taking and found some outrageously cool Colinette sock yarn called Jitterbug. The colorway is called Mardi Gras and it is spectacular!!! It was $20 a hank, but I picked up the last two hanks she had in this colorway because she did indicate the hanks tend to be a little smaller than most, and I did not want to run out. Whatever I have left over from the second hank will be come the tops of another pair that I'll finish out in a solid coordinating color.

I am going out this afternoon with some girlfriends for a chick flick and then sushi afterwards. There is a really good sushi place near the theatre and we haven't been there in at least 2 months...the girls are going to the movie to watch " The Nanny Diaries" and then hubby is meeting up with us at the sushi place. He loves this place (Tokyo) as much as I do.