Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I now have a spare bedroom in my house. It used to belong to my oldest son but he moved to Iowa and I figured I would turn it into the guest bedroom and my studio. The door has been shut because the cats love to nuzzle on the beige covers and leave black hair all over the the door was shut. And there it has stayed. I'm trying to decide whether I am afraid to turn the corner on my life and acknowledge the babies are leaving the nest, or I am afraid to acknowledge the room is now fertile to be the studio I've always wanted. And the door remains closed.
Change is scary.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Praise of Simple Things

I got a package in the mail today that really got me thinking about how much life changes. As technology speeds up our lives, sometimes it is the little and simple things that anchor us and give us the permission to stop and breathe. For me, one of those things is a simple fountain pen.

I love fountain pens. The feel of the pen in my hand and the very slight sound the nib makes as it slides across the paper gives me the time to slow down and focus, really focus on what is happening. So today, as I opened up the package that contained the fountain pens I ordered from Ebay, I found myself contemplating the seemingly lost art of writing a letter. It also seemed funny that through the technology of the Internet, I received something that is regarded as old fashioned by others.

There is something about receiving a letter written in the sender's handwriting that makes me stop and relish the very page I hold in my hand. I love receiving a letter in the mail. Written in print or script, the pages spill forth the thoughts of my friends and for a brief moment, we aren't separated by miles.

A large portion of my friends do not write letters. They tend to think of it as outdated and old fashion given that they can shoot off a blurb of text through email. We lead such fast paced lives, sitting down to compose a letter seems as old fashioned as hitching up a horse for the commute to work. So, when I do get a letter from a friend, it allows me to take time out from my busy schedule, sit down and really think about that person for the time it takes to read the letter.
Writing letters is a passion of mine since it gives me time to compose my thoughts, almost like journaling. As I write, I think about the person I am writing and direct my flow on the paper to that person. As my husband will attest, often these letters get started and never sent. But for the time that I am writing them, they are almost like therapy.

When I was in school, handwriting was a class students took for many years, not just the one or two the school systems do now. We learned to write in manuscript and cursive, along with a couple seasons of fancy script. Although we did not go fully force into Spencer script, with all it's fanciness and flourishes, we did learn to add little flourishes to our letter to give them a graceful charm...and we learned how to write all kinds of letters. I loved that portion of my education and have used it ever since!

Tonight, take out a pen and a piece of paper and write a letter to a loved one. Take the time to think about them while your pen slides across the page. It is a gift of time for both the sender and the receiver.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm not sure how to get the picture for this, but do click onto it--it is a really good song and the picture will appear at that time. It made me realize how much talent we lost when John Belushi died.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't mess with Texas!

I am getting ready to head to Oklahoma so that I can get up in the morning and go to Texas with my Mom in niece has a birthday party, so we thought we would go---and have a little girl time together. On the game board is a stop at the outlet malls in Gainsville, Tx and the one in Hillsboro. I love outlet malls--and Texas really knows how to do them! I like the long ride to Texas, so hopefully I'll get some good pics too.

I really need to block the fountain pen search heading from Ebay! Every time I slide down that dark path, it costs me....big time. I wonder if there is a fountain Pen hoarders anonymous? Although I will say that I use my fountain pens. I love writing letter. Long letters. Most of my friends do not write anything other than emails, so I am not usually on the receiving end of letters, but I do enjoy writing them. It is very relaxing to be able to just slow down and put words on paper. That is where my love for writing objects comes from. I love paper and pens. When hubby goes to conferences, my big treat is that he brings back vendor pens...hey, I'm a cheap date.....Some of the vendors that visit his office leave some really well made pens...

I guess I'd better get ready to go--daylight is burning....

Happy thoughts and great coffee to you and yours!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hump Day post

I am actually home from work today because of a sick kid. I felt guilty leaving him since he was at the level where propping him on the couch with plenty of fluids and the promise to be home early felt like a crappy idea for a mother to do.... I'm glad I did stay home -- it gave me a couple minutes to putter around in my backyard. I discovered that when the guy from SBC telephone came into our yard (to put down flags--I have no idea why..the kids let them in the yard while I wasn't home..), he left my back gate standing open. That completely pisses me off...So I am rigging it in a way that will not allow them to get in again. If my dogs had gotten out, I would have been completely pissed off!

I found another really neat blog today! It was actually one that is in the magazine/book (it's in the magazine section, but at $14.95, that puts it in the book arena for my budget...) ARTFUL BLOGGING by Somerset Studio....there are many really neat artist bloggers in there, so this artist is just the tip of the iceberg...Check out Judy Wise and her wonderful blog!

Since I was actually hanging out and dreaming of creative endeavors, I decided to make the jump and order the artist's trading card kit from European Papers. I love ATC's but so far have been only dreaming of doing them...since they are small, I decided there really is no excuse not to jump in and DO IT! So, hopefully by next week I will be posting a couple of ATC's a week...

I am contemplating planting some morning glories around our patio area, but discovered I am going to have to amend the soil heavily--it is rock hard. I have the book "Lasagna Gardening" and I think that will be the perfect area to practice that theory. We've had a problem with the soil running down the side of the retaining wall and onto the patio. I was going to cement in the decorative rocks that compose one part of the wall and seem to be a primary point where the leakage is happening, but then I realize we have a colony of toads that inhabit the hole and chinks of the rock wall in that area. Now I am trying to come up with a plan b--I really like those toads and would hate to see them harmed or displaced because of my actions....I will start the lasagna garden portion an build a retaining area to keep the soil in while I am waiting for mother nature to do her thing and give me compost....Then I will plant a heavy spot of morning glories. Morning glories are best planted in a place where they are expected to be the only plant---ever. They take over completely and then continue to grow long after you decide to change out the flower bed. This I know from experience! I will probably do most of my planting after the heat of the summer. I am not a hot weather and humidity person, so I have not done any outside work to our new house. I will start my flower beds for next year when it cools off. That will allow me to continue to add stuff to the garden throughout the fall and winter. By the time late spring roils around, I can just plant as needed....

I found a really neat pen pal site last night and had to put my name in the hat. I love writing letters! While computers are convenient and I love the fact that you can electronically connect with hundreds of people you wouldn't otherwise have the pleasure of running into--there is nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. It allows you to take a little time, sit down and connect...I love the writing part as much as the receiving. Unfortunately, most of my friends are not letter writers. I have been known to send 5 (and more) page letters....and most of them go hopefully by listing on a pen pal site, I can connect with someone who not only writes, but responds back as well..