Friday, December 22, 2006

Animal Pics

Here are some long overdue cute animal pictures. I have neglected this blog for way too long, now I think it is time to give it attention. I think the focus of this blog will be animals and the humans they own--or animals in general. My other blog is about knitting, life and crafty pursuits--Animalhaus will be as varied also. Mainly because I haven't gotten a focus nailed any rate, enjoy!
As you can see, this summer my flowers failed, but I got a good crop of cat....this is Socks, my son's cat. The white spotted cat is Speckles--otherwise known as she that hisses at air. She gracefully allows us to live in her house as long as we only acknowledge her if she gives us permission. The next picture is Smoky (on the couch cushion) and Charlie (our $200 stray cat). Charlie hears voices...and lets them know he is displeased by growling loudly and throwing a general hissy fit when nobody is even near him....he and Speckles are not related, but share a common displeasure for anything and anyone else unless on their terms....Smokey is the exception to the graceful cat image. He constantly falls off the back of the couch while stretching, hits walls while running and other goofball antics. He LIVES to have his belly rubbed and quite frequently contorts himself to get you to PET HIS BELLY....We have a couple more animals that I will introduce later....

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