Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cyber Monday?

Last night I was contemplating when I would be buying a set of starting blocks (for track season) that my son wanted BADLY for Christmas. They were $70 plus $10 shipping. Not a huge amount, but I was holding off until the last minute. Last night I popped online to look again and was surprised to find that Dick's sporting goods was running a "cyber Monday" special on the entire site for 25% off. As a result, we got a little better quality set of blocks for the same price we would have before--actually we got the better set for $10 less than the lower priced set INCLUDING shipping.

I'm totally happy with that!

I've never heard of Cyber Monday before, but I'm glad I looked online when I did. Next year I am going to buy more since it is my understanding that this is going to be repeated. I DO NOT participate in Black Friday mainly because it causes me more stress and I don't like seeing how people behave towards each other while in pursuit of "a deal".

I am not much of a mall shopper, so going online to Wal-Mart. com yesterday saved me money on a couple other things like gas and time. To save shipping, some of the items are going to be shipped site to store, where we will pick them up, but I can live with that considering we saved a good amount of $ not driving around looking for what the kids wanted. The items I bought online were not available in the stores near us and going online allowed us information to compare three similar models of this item before settling on the one we bought. A good deal all around, I must say.

Are you doing any baking this Christmas season? I have decided to extend the feeling of Christmas beyond just the one day, we are going to make/bake a different kind of cookie/candy for 12 days after Christmas (the Epiphany) and distribute them to friends. I have kept the list manageable, 6 or 7 people/families, and they will get a dozen each day (or one type of candy). This can be done easily with my candy/cookie recipes. Four of the families are in our old neighborhood. We only moved 2 blocks down and one block over, but it seems we just don't go sit and hang out with the neighbors as much as we would like to. I am going to work towards giving the holidays more meaning beyond the standard "gimme" syndrome. Luckily my boys aren't that caught up in the commercialism of the holidays and are all right with a more scaled down holiday.

And after the holidays are over, I am going to participate in SimpleMom's 2009 book club. You can hit the link on my sidebar to find out more about the book club. The first book is going to be "Your Money or Your Life", which is a classic. I am looking forward to all of the books she has chosen. They are well chosen. I like that the first book out of the gate is one about refocusing financially. It is a good start to the new year. I'm all over this book club!!! Especially since it can be done from my house. Totally do-able!

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