Friday, January 07, 2011

2011==Holy Smokes!!

2010 was a big year for changes and growing..I am back in school to work on an art degree and decided that in 2011, I am going to work towards less clutter in my life, both physically in my body / environment and in my mind. I stumbled on a couple blogs about the minimalist lifestyle and while I am not sure I am a formal minimalist, I really hung on the concept of LESS. So the first week of 2011 was spent going through mounds on unfinished projects, unread books and magazines and just generally clearing out. I had not realized just how much I had accumulated. We sent a LOT to recycling and a lot to the trash can that couldn't be recycled or donated, and did a lot of cleaning. I hate to say it, but we are far from done. I will continue to work on this over the next month...or seven...

My goal is to completely ride myself of all the old baggage that keeps me tired and jumbled. I am changing the way we eat, little by little, since the reality is I am not getting younger and need to take serious steps to change my lifestyle before it turns bad. We are going to move our food choices more towards grains and whole foods, and away from processed foods and meats. This is a big step for someone who was raised in a meat and potatoes home. The teenagers are Ok with this since they are both in sports and tend to prefer a healthier menu. My oldest son is going to have a little trouble with it, I'm afraid. When he lived on his own, he lived on a steady diet of boxed mac/cheese and frozen pizzas, capped off with huge amounts of pop. We don't serve any of that here. I will work throughout 2011 to convert him slowly. I'm pretty sure this is a shock to his system! LoL!

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