Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Things to Think About

The house is quiet and I am contemplating how to fully revel in the fact that our office is closed for Veteran's Day. The boys and hubby are off to school and work, so I am left in a somewhat quiet house with multiple dogs and cats--and one cat in particular that has decided the empty case for the dog food cans is an adversary worthy of attacking in the most vicious and loud way. I was contemplating going back to bed, but I think I will grab a shower, take my knitting and head downtown to Dunn Brother's coffee shop and work on the sock I started over again. I got all the way down to the heel flap and decided I REALLY do not like 7 inches of plain stockinette. Who care if it is a beginner sock and that is the way it is written. It shall now have 7" of k2p2 ribbing...

I am preparing for the end of the month when my resignation becomes final. While I will really miss the law firm, I am ready to come home and get my house and health back in line. I am examining a lot of details about our hectic life and seeing what I can change or at least alter to make it soak in more. Seems like we just sail through life on autopilot without really taking time to honor the details. Here are some things I am thinking about:

1. Cooking from scratch more. Nothing fancy, just cooking with attention to little things like spices...

2. Cooking with the boys. They are at the age when making a pie crust or rolling out cookies and biscuits is a skill they need to learn, and they like being in the kitchen creating.

3. Actually getting my garden plowed for next spring. This way I can add things to the soil during the winter and they will be able to compost...and actually getting a compost bin that I can use easily. I want to grow things in the summer so we can eat from the garden more, not the store.

4. Shopping at the Farmer's markets in the Spring and Summer. I will buy more local fruits and veggies.

5. Sewing and knitting more -- to reduce my stash and make room in my house. A sweater that takes 8 balls of yarn is easier to store than the 8 balls of yarn--plus it is more functional.

6. Looking for ways to economise. Gas prices are knocking holes in everyone's budgets. I am going to look for ways to economise and still live well. When gas prices go up, my shopping budget takes a serious hit and second hand markets/bartering become my best friend!

7. Finding my art supplies such as my watercolors and prismacolors and sitting down to create something every day and shutting off my inner critic. I will give myself permission to make "bad" art if that is what rolls off my brush. I am a horrid perfectionist. That will cease, or at least be worked on!

I have become very interested in the way the Europeans are able to take little things and make focus on them. I have read a couple books that have made me think about trying to slow down and focus more. While I am sure not all of Europe does this, and it is not a blanket statement for every European, I am ready to slow down and get off auto pilot.

Those are my goals.

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