Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A little swerve in the budget road...

OK, for some odd reason today I have been eating anything that isn't nailed down and can remotely be classified as food..don't worry, the cats and dogs are safe and alive...

I ate a really large breakfast this morning and then headed off to The Beadery in Newton. After getting there, I worked for a little bit, then got really hungry. Since I had assumed the huge breakfast would tide me over until I got home, I had not packed anything. So $5 later, I finished half an egg salad sandwich and a Tazo Mango tea....I probably could have lived without the tea as far as the budget goes. After getting home today, I inhaled bagel bites and a candy bar..WTF?!! Tomorrow will find me at Twist and the pottery studio, but I fully intend to pack a lunch.

I am heading to Texas with my Mom in law on Friday to see my niece and nephew. I love going with my Mom in law and having a girls weekend. Last year we hit the outlet malls on the way back to Oklahoma. We plan to do that again, but I will be really conservative if I buy anything. I do intend to buy a lot of Texas wines while I am there. In Texas you can buy wine--really good wine--in the grocery store. We are going to have a wine tasting at our house sometime this summer so I want to get a variety of Texas wines to sample.

A friend is coming over tonight for a visit. At some point, I would like to bake cookies and a cream cheese poundcake to tide the boys and hubby over while I'm gone. On Monday I plan on hanging out at home and baking challah bread and brownies to freeze. I love baking and it is a budget stretcher, so it is good all around. I am thinking about teaching the boys to make sopapillas this week since I have a large stockpile of honey here at the house.

Spending today: $5 on lunch

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