Monday, April 28, 2008

Stayin' home......

Learning to appreciate the simple pleasures such as these pictures that I took of flowers at Botanica (in Wichita) earlier this month.

Since gas is just shy of $3.50 in my neck of the woods, it is taking a huge bite out of our budget.
As a result, I am making more of an effort to stay at home and conserve gas in an effort to save money. The past week has been a real drain! Isn't it funny how the little things and the little checks are the ones that crash the accounts? I am taking a cue from this blog and making myself actually acknowledge what I have spent each day. It is a simple gesture, but I think it is brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?!

Since it is Monday, I have decided to focus my efforts this week on using up what we have in the fridge for meals, baking snacks such as cookies, and making bread/muffins on Thursday and Friday. When I finally got around to cleaning out the fridge last night, I was not amused at myself because of the amount of leftovers that had gone past their prime and had to be tossed. Wasted $....

I am also making an effort to actually use the public library for books instead of clicking the BUY button at Amazon....this one is the hard one!!

If you have any suggestions or observations, please feel free to share them with me. The rest of the week, I am trying to bundle my trips and really consider whether it is a need or a want when I am tempted to whip out the debit card or check book.
Since the weather is warming up, I put out a flat of seeds in Jiffy pots this weekend. Hubby and I are going to build raised garden beds next weekend so we can plant a garden this season. I figure even a little garden will reduce our food costs. I definitely want to grow some lettuce, tomatoes and watermelons, along with squash and a couple zucchini (it only takes a couple of these to feed an entire army!). This year I am also planting little pie pumpkins. I will can/freeze the flesh when they ripen so we have plenty for pies and some for pumpkin butter. I think with food prices and gas prices rising, a lot of people are looking for little ways to ease the sting. I am actually looking forward to canning tomatoes. I LOVE canning. I am seriously considering planting blackberries (the THORN LESS kind) so we can have fresh berries, jam and blackberry honey...

Spending for today: Stayed home: $0

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