Saturday, September 01, 2007

Girls day out

A couple of us girls went to see "The Nanny Diaries"-it was cute, but I wish the main character (Scarlett Johanson) was a little stronger--she seemed really wishy-wash. Cindy has read the book and said the book was excellent--but that the movie wasn't too close to the book. I hate it when they do that! I saw "A Beautiful Mind" at the theatre and then read the book--which by the way was based on his real life...Then I was disappointed that the movie left out the fact there was first son and that he is also schizophrenic....I know you can't get everything in a 2 1/2 hour movie that you have in a book, but some things are important and change the whole content..OK, I'm done.

I would rate the Nannie diaries a 3 of 5. It's cute.

However, I did see the trailer for a movie, " Feast of Love", while waiting for the movie to start that REALLY looked good. It stars Morgan Freeman, who I think is one of the best actors of our time. I love anything he is in because he is so talented about drawing out a character and making him seem real...I know it may be a chick flick, but I think guys would like this too. When this opens, I am going to be there!

We went for sushi afterwards. I love sushi! Cute man and I took a sushi class here in Wichita and I have decided we are going to have to make our own sometime. We will probably make the veggie based rolls since I don't think there is a source for sushi grade meat that is available to the public. I may run around to some of the Asian grocery stores next week and get the ingredients to make sushi.

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