Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Little Spice is nice

I was comparing this blog with my other blog (the one with the knitting rants...) and have come to the conclusion that this blog is really boring! I think this blog needs a little shaking up. So, from here on out, hold on to your (hopefully handknitted) hats. Time for some attitude.

Today I went to the Yarn Harlot's "speech" and completely loved it. She is really funny in print and even funnier in person. I had brought my camera, but couldn't find it because it somehow got buried in the small yarn stash I had in my bag...the one that makes my husband groan...the one that looks like I may have kidnapped Little Bow Peep's sheep...I NEED to carry this yarn. You never know when you might get trapped in a freak snowstorm and have to whip up something warm to protect your brood. Ok, so today the temperatures were in the upper 90's...but it could happen. And by golly, I will be ready.

Or, when hubby rolls his eyes at my traveling stash, I can just sweetly ask him if he really wants me to be somewhere with nothing to keep me occupied. That should keep him quiet!

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