Saturday, June 21, 2008

Budget busting..

Let's just say that this has not been the best day for the budget. But everything I bought will be needed, with the exception of a $12 book. I did use a 50% off coupon to get it at that price, but it might have been an impulse....

I am knitting a pair of colorwork mittens for one of my sons and discovered that I REALLY needed a larger set of needles to get gauge. The suggested needle size, which I have in my stash, resulted in a mitten that could double as a tourniquet. Since the outlay of time is going to be significant on these mittens, I really had to have a larger double pointed needle. I did use my discount at the yarn shop and got 2 different sizes so I don't have to worry about going back and getting another set. Since I will be knitting a LOT of mittens for gifts this year, the new needles will get a lot of use. I am classifying them as a need.

I also got some flat nosed pliers at a jewelry supply place-finally. I have been scrimping by with another type and had come to the reality that it will actually allow me to do my jewelry and stitch markers much faster if I use the right equipment. I am selling these markers, so they have to be well made and made quickly to make them cost effective.

The book was more of an inspirational reference. I probably could have easily done without it, so I am counting that as an "OOPS". I am hoping I turn to it for design ideas enough to justify the $12 expense.

I need to stay home for the rest of the weekend. I do have a water gardening class that I am taking tomorrow, so I will have to be out and about. I need to use a little self control and not wander into stores.

I did find a really irritating fact about myself though: if I have a coupon, I feel compelled to use it. I have 2 more 50% off coupons to JoAnne's Crafts stores that expire tonight and they are really burning a hole in my pocket. Luckily cute man took the car to a baseball game, so I have no way to get there. Yes, we have another car in the drive, but I really don't like to drive it, so I'm safe on that.

My goal for the rest of the week and right up to payday is to be a little more disciplined in both the wallet and the food prep arena. Last night I should have made pizza from scratch but we ordered out. That is pretty sad since it takes no time when I use my KitchenAide mixer to knead the dough. The only crimp was that the block of cheese was frozen. In the future I will pre-shred 1 pound baggies of cheese to freeze so that I can remove what I need and it will be thawed out by the time the dough rises.

I did get to the studio to throw some pots today, but I didn't get much as far as quality. I have been a little off on my throwing and that is irritating me. I need to go in and learn to focus more. I have noticed when I don't focus, I don't get anything decent. Throwing pottery can be a lot like meditating sometimes. It is hard to quiet the monkey mind and focus. I'll be working towards that.

How has your budget been going this week? I do think the warm up to my July 1st starting date of "Mama's on the Compact" has been good for me. I realized today that, while not totally perfect, I have been making a lot of headway on actually making do, using up and buying used--or doing without. That's a big step for me.

Well, good coffee and great friends to you and yours!

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