Monday, June 16, 2008

Things I would love to do....

I have decided to do a master list of 13 things I want to do by the end of 2009. Some of them are little, some of them are big. I am giving myself the goal date of the end of 2009 since some of these things will require saving some $$$.

1. Get an Etsy shop up and running. Establish a business out of my art and crafts.

2. Go to Mexico with Marita.

3. Install a wood floor in the downstairs. Easier to keep clean....

4. Look into taking parts of the house off the grid. Even one or two rooms like the kitchen and master bedroom would be neat. Not sure about the costs though. This is going to require some research.

5. Get my house totally decorated. All rooms.

6. Get chickens. Will have to build a chicken coop and make a part of the yard "cat proof" in order to get this goal done...

7. Take a week long writing class at the Iowa Summer Writer's Festival. (It isn't in the budget this summer, but I am targeting next summer..)

8. Lose 60 lbs.

9. Start entertaining more at our house. Get monthly soup dinners started with friends.

10. Have the recommended 6 month emergency savings amount in the bank........this one will probably be the hardest of all since it will require constant monitoring and deciding whether to buy certain things or make do...

11. Totally purge the clutter.

12. Reconnect with my older sister. We really don't see each other or even know each other very well.

13. Knit a coat and sweater for me.

As I said, some are little and some are big. All will require that I focus and do a little research. I fully intend to look for green ways to do all these. The redecorating part will entail looking for furniture that can be restored at thrift shops and garage sales before investing in new (exceptions will be mattresses and anything that will bw slept on...I don't do used bedding, especially after seeing a mattress get reconditioned..).

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