Monday, June 02, 2008

MOM. I'm bored....

OK, so the kids aren't saying that. I am.

I have been surfing the web and contemplating going to the kitchen to make something sweet.

Preferably with some form of chocolate included in the ingredient list. Lots of chocolate...After the load of clothes in the washer finishes, I am going to have to go upstairs and make some chocolate chip cookies or some no-bake cookies. I like no-bakes a lot, so that is probably what we will end up with. Plus it will enable me to make a dent in the oatmeal and peanut butter population around here. I got several boxes and jars when they were on sale for $1 a container. Good price--as long as it gets used. I am trying to use up things I have and not buy anything else for the rest of the week. However I think I am going to have to cave in and pick up some additional groceries tomorrow. We are at the bottom of our canned goods and for some reason, hamburgers or spaghetti sounds good for tomorrow...

I found my older copy of the book "Kansas: Off the Beaten Path". I plan to look through it to get ideas on quirky places in our state to visit this summer. I was thinking about purchasing a newer copy, but I will just make a list and do an Internet search of these places to make sure they are still around. This is part of our attempt to stick close to home this year and explore places that will not cost us so much in gas. We are going to Iowa this summer to see oldest one and his girlfriend, but that may be the one big trip of the season. There is an "Off the Beaten Path" book for just about every state. Go check one out from the library. You will find things you never even knew existed! Some cool, some quirky, some just plain weird.

The boys have a friend spending the night tonight. Hopefully they are reasonably quiet and don't get too rowdy. One teenager and there is one brain. Two teenagers and they have half a brain. With 3 teenagers, there are no brains in the room. Nadda...Zip...

I ended up staying home today in order to save some gas. I will go to the pottery studio tomorrow after I leave the yarn shop since it will make more sense to go when I am already out. Hopefully I will get a couple decent pots thrown. My throwing and glazing mojo has been seriously off kilter lately. Time to get it back in line!

Addition to post: What is it about kids that they have to be kept amused? I had a roll of packing tape--as in the not cheap tape--on the table and discovered the kids friend unrolling it. The jury is still out as to whether this kids is a guest again.

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