Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sleepin' in...........

This weekend has been a total wash as far as any real activity. Hubby and I did some grocery shopping yesterday and today--I am trying to get groceries for the week in one trip since multiple trips to the store tend to result in more impulse purchases than we should indulge in.
Unfortunately last night we went to Dillion's after the fish counter had closed so I am going to have to make a trip out tomorrow at some point. We had thought the Wal-mart in Derby had a fish counter, but that was a bust. Just frozen pre-packaged fish. ARGGGG. I need some more shrimp for meals. I was thinking about going to Sam's in the morning but I spend entirely too much when I go in there.

It is so easy to tip the checkbook over the mark in Wal-Mart! I pretty good at getting only what we really needed, but there were two impulse purchases: A wall sconce for one of my jar candles and a large self feeding dog food dispenser. I had thought I had picked up a water dispenser but I guess I wasn't paying attention. I'll take it back tomorrow and get my money back if they don't have the water dispenser. The water dispenser is definitely needed. The wall sconce is an impulse, but it will make it a little easier to light my candles and not worry about them getting knocked over when they are on the counters.

The game plan tomorrow is to take the kids to weight training camp at the high school then we're going to go to a museum afterwards and spend a little time downtown exploring. We have lived here for 11 years and there are so many things we have not seen! This summer I am going to be a tourist in our town.

Saturday I am planning to go to the Farmer's market on the west side of town and get some fresh things to cook for the following week. I picked up herb plants when we were in Kansas City and I am going to get some planter boxes to put them in and position them on the patio so I can snip as needed when cooking. I am hoping to get some goodies baked for the upcoming week tomorrow. I've been really tired this week from being out of the house all day during the day, so not a lot has gotten accomplished. I need to focus on getting back on both a sleep schedule and a time schedule.

I picked up a book at JoAnne's Crafts today (using a 50% off coupon of course!) on do it yourself upholstery. I have a chair that I picked up for free that needs some work, along with my recovering my dining room chairs, this book will come in handy! I will look at upholstery fabric at some point and get the dining room chairs done first to give me a little confidence. I am looking forward to retrieving the chair I found on the curbside with other trash in Stillwater. It has great bones and I am confident it is going to be spectacular after I get the chair stripped and stained in a light golden maple color. I had to leave it in my mom's garage in Stillwater since I couldn't get it in the little car. When my van is finally fixed, I will be picking the chair up and get down to business. I am envisioning this chair in our bedroom as a perfect sit and knit/read chair. I will take before and after pics when I get this project started.

So the focus for the beginning of this upcoming week is going to be:

1. Bake a pound cake to send to child in Iowa and one for our freezer.

2. Make some no-bake cookies for son and for here.

3. Send the goodies to son.

4. Unload a couple more boxes from the living room and bedroom.

5. Paint the guest bedroom.

6. Work on some mittens I am knitting for one of the sons.

If I get that list knocked out, it will be good. I have a lot of things to do here at the house so it is time to focus my energies in that direction. I have a lot of blessings, time to put then forward and utilize them to make a home.

Spending for the day:

Books: total $30 (this is more than I probably should have spent..)
Groceries: $165 (I will work hard at not spending too much more on food this pay period. It will be interesting to see how long I can extend the budget with what we have right now)
Brunch out with friend: approx $30

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