Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blowing the Compact slightly...

I was doing pretty darn good following the compact and not buying new--but it seems like the money flew out the door this July 4th holiday. I need to plan better and have more of a reserve built in for holidays. Food and fireworks cost more than I had budgeted for, even though we we really conservative on both this year.

When it rains, it pours. The car might have to go in the shop to get looked at--hubby said it wouldn't turn over initially when he was out today. I almost had to go get him. He put the car in neutral and it started. I hope it is nothing serious. We really are not in a good position to have a big car repair bill. And to top it off, the dishwasher bit the big one Friday. We do have it covered on an appliance warranty from when we bought the house--and we recently renewed it, so that might be a little easier on the budget. But it still bites the wallet. Next pay period I am going to write what I spend for EVERYTHING in a little book, so I can see where I'm slipping up.

I am showing one of the boys how to make a New York style crumb cake in just a little bit. We were at the grocery store and he was trying to talk me into buying a boxed crumb cake mix. I looked at the price, quantity, and preservatives and explained we could make one better,bigger and less expensive. He jumped at the suggestion he help me make one, so that is what we will be doing as soon as the buttermilk is at room temp. I want both boys to have a better sense of the fact they can usually make things like pizza and sweets themselves. They don't need to be dependant on a box.

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