Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lazy Sunday......

It is Sunday and either the beginning or ending of the week, depending on your opinion...I just woke up, hubby is out flight instructing (since 6 a.m!!) so I am the only one up at the moment. The sheer fact that I am up at 7 something in the morning can be taken as nothing short of a miracle.

But then stranger things have happened.

I just finished a really good book last night. Actually it was such an easy read that I devoured it in 2 nights, start to finish. It is " Here If You Need Me" --the book is upstairs, so I'll have to retrieve Katie's last name later. If I try to spell it now, only hard feelings will occur! It was a really easy read about the author's attempt at reconstructing a life for her and their children after the death of her state trooper husband. His dream was to become a minister after he retired. She took that dream and brought it into being. The book itself is not large and not emotionally draining so it is a good read for night time. It tells a lot about just having compassion and being there for others--not trying to make an unfortunate situation right, but to just BE there for the people going through the hardships she is called out on and to BE there for the officers that have to deal with the emotions they often bottle. I would recommend this book highly. The first person to blurb this post's comments saying they'd like to read it, I'll send the book to them. I do ask they pass the book on after reading it. Share the pleasure..

I am getting ready to start on another book that I recently bought used in Kansas City by Joan Anderson. I'll post the title and a short review later. This summer I am hoping to be able to read some of the books that have lingered on my bookshelf for way too long and then redistribute them to others. I'll use this blog as a posting place. I would really love to get a laptop computer so I can log on and blog from upstairs. A lot of times I get sidetracked and don't get downstairs to blog about something while the moment is still fresh. Hubby is working on his master degree, so having a laptop may be something we have to have---I'm just not sure how much play time I'll get on it once he gets it filled up with school assignments and general engineering junk... Oh well.

Today is destined to be a home focused day. I am going to work on getting the kitchen cleaned and the master bathroom done. Our stairs have cream colored carpet, so having as many cats as we do, they are always looking quite worse for wear. They will have to be dealt with today.

In the budget arena, I am trying not to spend any money until the end of the week, when hubby gets paid. Even then it will be a little slim since we are going to have to have the dishwasher repaired. Two days ago it just quit working. Figures. This one came with the house and we did extend the home warranty, which covers appliances, so I we'll see how that plays out budget wise. I do have to run to Stillwater to complete some wedding flowers for a friend of my niece, but that is the only big trip I have planned for the rest of the month at this point. A trip to see my oldest son is in the planning stages also.

School starts August 13th for the kids--damn this summer went fast! I feel bad that we didn't do any traveling this season. We might have to make a trip to Kansas City or fly to the ocean. Jeremy wants to go to Pensacola, Florida to collect seashells. Mark wants to go to Wyoming to visit a friend, but that trip may not be possible this year. The beach is do-able. We are trying to stay close to home or do trip that won't require a huge output of gas expenses. Even though a flight to Florida would require aviation fuel, we would spend most days on the beach, which should save fuel. I am going to have to consider whether it would be better for us to go after school starts and it is the off season as far as tourists go. I also want to find a hotel within walking distance of the beach or directly on the beach so the car can stay parked unless needed. Any suggestions? Another possible place we could go is Sanibel Island/Captiva. It is probably the best location in the US for shelling....

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