Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Apparently the cosmic God of pissiness resides in my corner of the world today. Or at least it felt like it. I was having a rushed and pissy day today.

I went to the pottery studio to clean some of my green ware and prepare it for firing--and promptly crushed one of my largest bowls that I had labored on. Crap. Oh well, what can you do. If you get upset, the bowl remains crunched. Lesson learned. Thin walls should be supported from the bottom. However, with my schedule being so weird and gas prices being what they are, I am giving serious consideration as to the convenience of having a wheel here at the house to allow me to throw more and get more pots done without having to drive to the studio all the time. this would also allow me to get more wheel time and experience. I will just have to make sure I transport the pots carefully to the studio for firing.

I was rushing this morning and forgot to wash the clothes my boys wanted to wear to the sports awards ceremony this evening at 6:00. So I made a mad dash at 4:15 to get the clothes washed and dried by 5:45--except they told me the coach wanted them there by 5:30. CRAP.......So I made them wear collar shirts and nice pants instead of the t shirts that they wanted to wear -which were in the dryer. Guess what? Every kid there wore t shirts and some kind of shorts. And not all of the T shirts looked like they had been cleaned in the past week..Some of the parents had muscle shirts and dirty T shirts on....go figure. I thought since it was an awards ceremony, they should at least look nominally presentable. I did tell them they had better prepare themselves because 8th grade graduation is coming up and they would be wearing collar shirts and nice pants. I'm such a mean Mom.

I have got to work on getting some kind of a routine down. During the first months that I no longer worked outside the home, things ran pretty smoothly. Now, not so much. I am going to have to think about running less and getting things back on track at the house. Especially with gas prices getting so close to $4 a gallon, it isn't even funny! Screw the economic stimulus checks. They all went to gas. Everyone I know is making an effort to NOT spend since gas is so outrageous. If we were in the home remodeling stage and could afford it, I would give serious consideration to converting part of our house to solar. Even part of the house would be a big improvement over having everything on the grid. I must say however, this house is much better on gas and electric costs than the other smaller house we lived in last year. Our bill run almost half the cost for twice the square footage. We have much better cross ventilation in this house so we have been able to keep the house much cooler and extend the time before we absolutely have to have the air conditioner on.

I have pretty much decided that this week I will buy the supplies to make my stitch markers to sell at Twist. I have been thinking about it for quite some time, the time is now.

Interweave Knits magazine and a British knitting magazine at the shop $11 (used my discount--what a lifesaver) I probably could have lived without this, but using my discount helped and I would have bought these in the long run....

Dinner for 4 Subway sandwiches $21

We went to the grocery store and picked up chips and soda --this way we could have chips and soda for the week instead of spending $8 for sodas and $8 for bags of chips with a combo...)
$12 chips and soda (however this will last several meals, not just one, so it was a good move)

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