Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Just something pretty--remember to appreciate the flowers you come across each day. They are a frugal luxury......Often you can enjoy them for free at public areas. I like to take pictures so I have something pretty to look at and to share with others.

This has been one of those days where I WANTED to get things done, but haven't accomplished a heck of a lot.

As I write this, "Follow that Food" with Gordon Elliott was on in the background, but the sound of his voice was starting to get on my nerves, so I turned it to a country music station. Blake Shelton's "I want to Go Home" is playing--I LOVE this song. As he gets older, Blake's voice gets richer. I will buy this album.

What I would like most of all right now is to figure out why the dog food that we bought last night is making Cocoa the equivalent of a canine stink bug. Seriously!! I had to open the doors to keep the lights from causing a flash fire!! I guess as dogs age, they become a lot more sensitive to different foods. Kinda like us humans...Except when a dog passes gas, he hangs around to watch your reaction. Come to think of it, just like a teenager. How's that for a perfect picture?! LOL..

I did get around to making chocolate chip cookies today, but so far the bread has not materialized. That will entail cooperation from me...I will saunter upstairs in a little bit and make the bread since the recipe looks amazingly easy and it would be really sad if I don't get it made FINALLY. I am also looking forward to using my Lodge Dutch oven. I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

The boys have 8th grade graduation coming up next week so I am trying to make preparations for a little party here. Since it is in the evening, I am considering doing finger foods and something easy. We may actually end up going out to eat as a treat for the boys. I can't believe they will in high school next year. It's amazing how fast time flies. Summer is going to be action packed also. Both boys have football camp and various other sports related event, so I can see a lot of kid related errand running. I need to get a master calendar going so I am not trying to remember all of this in my head!! I do have to say, I am glad I am home. It makes it a little less stressful since I will not have to worry about how the kids will get to and from morning practices. Little blessings.

I will be at the yarn shop and the pottery studio tomorrow. I really would love to have a wheel here at the house, but would I realistically use it enough? Maybe..It would be nice to be able to go throw some pots on the nights I am wandering the house or the days that I can't get to the studio but want to be on the wheel. We'll see. It's not in the budget yet, but if I am careful over the summer, we'll look at the budget again and decide.

I have been looking at my books about chickens a lot lately. I may actually make the leap and have a small chicken coop built so we can have a couple hens. I love fresh eggs. We'll have to completely enclose the chickens though. We have a lot of cats here at Casa Davis--not to mention the ones that run the neighborhood. The only option would be to enclose them for their own safety. I am seriously looking at Bantams. They are smaller. However that means the eggs would be either medium or small sized. Hmmmm.......maybe we should have bought a farm or at least something rural.....I'm still trying to figure out how to disguise an alpaca as a dog....

Spending: $0 --this one took a little discipline since it is too easy to hit the BUY button when I'm online at Amazon and BOMC2.........but I behaved...

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