Friday, May 02, 2008

Mid day post

It has been a pretty busy day here at my house. Busy, but not completely productive.

I had aimed to get out of the house early and hit Sam's at 7:30 (I have a business membership so can shop between 7 a.m and 10 a.m. before they open the doors top the general public. ) but instead I fell back to sleep. I have been having a heck of a time sleeping through the night lately so it has been an issue with me sleeping in after everyone is out of the house. I really hate doing that since it makes the day less productive! Anyway, I decided that I would skip Sam's. Last time I went we spent over $300. The meat deals were great, but sometimes it doesn't pay to buy in bulk. I could buy 30 lbs of rice and 5 pounds of noodles, but will we use it all in a timely manner?

Probably not.

So I will shop the sale ads and stock up that way unless there is something we use in bulk (tissue paper, pop tarts, Lifewater, etc) regularly. I did go to two different grocery stores today. One stocks a certain kind of flour (Hudson Cream) that I love, so it is worth the side trip. They also had great grocery deals this week. I did do a little impulse spending on magazines at Wal-mart, and I paid $50 for a Lodge cast iron enamel finish 6 quart dutch oven...I have been shopping for one to make the no-knead bread recipe that the New York Times published. It is getting rave reviews and has an almost cult like following, so I have been looking for a 6 quart heavy pot. The Lodge pot came in two colors (blue really caught my eye) and was REALLY heavy. I can definitely see using this for soups and stews too. It's beautiful! After I get back from Texas, I am going to make the no-knead bread and a kettle of chicken noodle soup...

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