Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Post

I went to Newton today and didn't spend a cent. I was sooooo tempted to make some crystal earrings and a bracelet, but I abstained from spending any cash. I go to Twist tomorrow and really need to make sure I do the same there. While unpacking boxes this weekend, I realized I really have entirely too much stuff. I will be working hard to cull the herd and get things sorted and under control. I am one of those people who need to feel like I have everything I might need--as a result I have doubles and triples of some things. For example, I realized I have 3 crockpots. Who in the heck needs THREE crockpots? One of the crockpots is pretty old, so I am going to just toss it this weekend. The funny thing is that thought is causing me to resist actually going through the action of getting it I have some kind of attachment. Mind you, I have two of the newer models also. One even has a temp. probe! GEEZ! And I have a really large amount of waffle makers in every sort of design. Why? I haven't even made waffles in a while (although I really enjoy making them). I need to find my favorite three (1 Belgian and the heart shaped Villaware one stays for sure..) and give the rest to Brandon and his girlfriend. I need to get away from being attached to things and shopping when I'm bored or stressed. This includes Internet shopping.

I am considering doing something different to keep me motivated to save money. Every time I get the urge to buy something, I will calculate the cost, including tax, and put it into savings. At the end of each month I will analyze how much I have added to savings.

I am still tired from the boys' 8th grade graduation on Tuesday. The convention center parking was a madhouse since there were other schools that had their ceremonies going on at the same time. I don't do well in traffic and general chaos. I do wish Mom had been able to spend more time here. We really don't get to see each other much. I have to go to Stillwater for my niece's baby shower on Sunday. The goal tomorrow is to only spend money on a gift for her shower.

My diet this week has been pretty poor, so I will spend the rest of this week getting back on track. I have had doughnuts and cake --both something that I have been able to stay away from until this week. Time to get motivated again.

This morning when we started to open the patio door downstairs, there was a huge Sphinx moth trapped inside between the screen and the glass. We were able to get him out without the cats seeing him, so I hope we see plenty more of these huge beauties this summer.

I haven't made much progress on actually getting the garden planted. I really need to get going on that if we are going to have any kind of veggie harvest this summer. Veggies from the garden are always so much better tasting!

Well, I guess I'd better sign off! Good coffee and great friends to you and yours.

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