Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blah Humbug!

I got hit again this year with sinus issues ---it seems like every year for the past 4 years, I have had some kind of gunk in my chest due to the weather. Today my eyeball feels like there is a band playing at 10 decibels! And just the left eye, which is extra irritating. I guess I should be glad that I'll at least have one eye to see out of at work today....I didn't have to work the past two days as comp time when I worked mega hours at the courthouse.

Unfortunately, it was not a situation where I got to stay home and sleep. I had errands and projects that had to be done/run in time for a quilting class I took with a friend last night. I have become pretty obsessed with quilting lately, so I am taking classes to teach me how to quilt and how to piece a quilt. Sue and I have each completed one lap quilt top and we were in a holding pattern waiting to take this machine quilting class to figure out how to machine quilt (neither of us have husbands that would appreciate a hand quilting frame taking up space in the house for months) was very informative. And yet again, I get to the class and at some point my machine has an issue. Last time I took a paper piecing class and the machine I brought (Sue used it for last night's class ) had a goblin possess it...I had to use the instructors 1940's featherweight----which worked so well, it became a conquest for me to get one (more on that later)----last night my Janome worked great (as usual) but the hang up was the dealer gave me the wrong free motion foot and it did not fit my machine. Partially my fault for not trying it on the machine before class (PREPARATION? WHAT'S THAT?!) ...but I was still not amused. This time I used the shop's Bernina. It was OK, but I like my Janome 6260 and my Brother NX200. Sue doesn't have a portable machine, so she uses mine when we quilt. I guess I ought to acknowledge that I am spoiled and blessed. I am going to be really happy when we move to the new house and I have room to set up a quilting area for my machines.

There is just something special about a quilt. I am looking forward to completing a 9 patch. It is a really simple pattern (supposedly), but it will help me work on getting my seams to match. One we get to the new house, it will be my first big project. Ideally I'd like to complete one before the summer is over. My son is moving to Iowa to live with his girlfriend (don't even get me started on that) , and if it lasts for the summer (we all know that talking over the phone and the reality of 24/7 can make or break a relationship) I would like to make some quilts for them and the boys I have at home.

It is getting to be time to head to work---have a great day!

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