Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weather, Life and Everything in between

Today I pulled out the little Singer Featherweight machine I bought a couple weeks ago. I used one at the quilting class I took at Sunflower Quilts in Derby a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it. I am fascinated with the time period from 1920-1950 anyway, so this machine is right up my alley. If I remember right, according to the serial number, mine was made approx 1948, but I am going to confirm that once we get to the new house....I am so happy we will have room to put out my machines so I can use whenever I get the urge. The only other thing I have my eye on is an embroidery machine, but with the expense of closing on the new house and having to buy furniture, that is out of the question for now....oh well....

I am looking forward to having the space to work on the quilt I started from the paper piecing class. It is actually a lot easier than I thought in the first 2 hours of the class (I was ready to throw in the towel within 1 hour, the instructor was (THANKFULLY) insistent that nobody gets to quit--by the 2nd hour, it clicked). It is going to be pretty easy to piece together the blocks a little at a time using scraps until I have enough to put together a queen sized quilt.

The weather today is pretty strange feeling. I am not sure how to describe it, but it feels like the kind of weather that can birth a tornado in the flick of a wrist. There is a pretty healthy wind going to. Hubby took Mark to his soccer game, I am taking Jeremy to his pottery class and our oldest (Brandon) is at a college study session, so the animals will have to figure it out if the sirens go off...Hopefully that won't happen...... There was one that leveled Kansas town yesterday about 110 miles from us. Although that sounds like a good distance, tornadoes are fast moving and it does make me nervous...When we were looking for houses, a basement was a requirement. The one we bought is a walk out basement, not completely underground, but the laundry room and the bathroom are set into the ground, so we are glad...I guess in reality they don't hit the ground very often, but when they do, you really want to be below ground level.

I'm still looking for the cable to my camera, so no pictures the near future, I promise!

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