Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day of Rest

Today it seems like I am tag team blogging between this blog and my other one.

I ended up using my last comp time day and sleeping the whole day. I felt seriously like I had a hammer in the left side of my face! I know it is just gunk from the weather change and sinus issues, but it is not a good time for me to be sick. There is too much to do!

It has been a good day in terms of extras though...I had ordered a 120 set of Prismacolor pencil from a merchant on Ebay and included was a set of 12 markers and an 11"x14" drawing pad--all for $69.00, which is an outrageously good price. When it arrived today, the set the merchant sent was the 132 color set! AWESOME!!! This is one of the sets in the tin, so it even has a pencil sharpener in the tin, which is great to be able to keep it with the set....I was so happy! I have loved Prismacolors since I used them in college when I was an art major (before I got pregnant with Brandon and then on the bad advice of others, changed majors)....

The owners of the house we bought asked our realtor if we'd like to buy the washer and dryer set currently in the house --another awesome- and the dining room table. While we have a table we want to use in the dining room, the existing table can be used downstairs as a game/homework table. Blessings all around! We were going to have to replace the washer and dryer we have now since they are literally on their last leg..actually the dryer died last week.

I am sitting here listening to the band Mercy Me--their new album "Coming Up to Breathe" is completely wonderful. Even if contemporary Christian isn't your cup of tea, give them a try. It is really an incredible album!

On the religion side, our large church (700+ people) recently took on a satellite location when the members of a smaller church decided to merge with us. Zion Methodist has 40 members currently and they are looking for Asbury members to move to that branch. I am thinking about making the move since it is a lot smaller. My boys will continue to go to the Wednesday night services at the Asbury campus. They have an amazing ministry for teenagers and college students. Plus Jeremy is really attached to the senior pastor (Dennis) since he hunts and that give Jerm someone to talk hunting with. Dennis's sons (Ryan and Aaron) run the middle school and older programs, so it really has a good foundation. It would be nice to go to a smaller church so I might have to give it a try. I drove over to it a couple days ago--it is a really pretty old fashioned styled stone church. It has a good feeling to it, so I am going to attend Sunday if I feel better.

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