Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good Book

I got a really interesting book in the mail today from Amazon (damn enablers that they are!)--it is called The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. It is a Christian based version of The Artist's Way (as a matter of fact, she names that book as her inspiration). I have thumbed through it and really think it has a lot of good things in it, so I will be going through it and sharing it with you. Another book I am digesting is The Thirteen Petaled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz. This one is a philosophy book in a way--it has really good discussion about Jewish beliefs. Although I am not Jewish, I love reading Jewish teachings....this is one of the first books that I've read that actually encourages one to question their concept of God in order to gain a better understanding of God. It is a reasonably thin book, but I can attest that it takes you a while to bite into it and digest it. I also have another one of his writings which I will introduce and discuss at a later time-after I have time to REALLY read and think about this work...

The Creative Call is part of my endeavor to actually start honoring my talents and making time to practice them. I love to watercolor and draw, but have problems actually displaying any works that I finish. Why is it that we think you have to hang in a gallery to actually be able to claim yourself as an artist. When we move to the home we bought (we take possession June 2), I will finally have enough space to set up my watercolors and art supplies. There will also be room for my yarn and my quilting---I am pretty excited!

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